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NIFCA News Byelaws Special 7th December 2015

See our latest edition of NIFCA News, welcoming our new byelaws HERE BUT PLEASE NOTE that our NEW Fixed Engine Byelaw has now been brought into legal effect by DEFRA – Please follow this link to our NIFCA Byelaw...


NIFCA Byelaws 3rd December 2015

See the link HERE to our new byelaws booklet. We will be holding events to answer any questions which you may have about the new byelaw package and discuss other current NIFCA issues and welcome all who would like to attend one of...


Edible crab for use of bait for recreational rod fishing 3rd December 2015

Following the release of our new byelaw booklet, please see HERE for our poster about the use of edible crab as bait for recreational rod fishing.


Marine Scotland: Catching, buying, or Selling Lobsters 3rd December 2015

Please see HERE a poster from Marine Scotland about regulations for catching, buying or selling lobsters.


The IFCAs 2011-2015: Achievements and Success 30th November 2015

In celebration of the achievements and success of the IFCAs in our first four years, please see the report published by the Association of IFCAs. The IFCAs 2011-2015 Achievements and Success Report