News February 2020

Minimum Size Byelaw 2020 27th February 2020

Northumberland IFCA together with the other Eastern IFCAs have proposed to introduce a Minimum Size Byelaw 2020 to replace the FISH MOLLUSC AND CRUSTACEA MINIMUM SIZE EMERGENCY BYELAW 2019. The intention of this byelaw is to protect pre-spawning fish...


Emergency Byelaw – Berried Lobsters 18th February 2020

NIFCA has today made an Emergency Byelaw prohibiting the retention or carriage of berried lobsters on board any vessel in the NIFCA district.  This is in addition to the existing prohibitions in relation to berried lobsters contained in The...


Maritime & Coastguard Agency Fishermen’s Safety Guide 14th February 2020

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency have updated their guide on safe working practices & emergency procedures for fishermen. The guide will help you identify hazards, assess risks and put in place control measures and can be downloaded HERE.