About Northumberland IFCA

Northumberland Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NIFCA) is one of ten IFCAs in England, established in April 2011. The NIFCA district extends from the River Tyne to the Scottish border out to 6 nautical miles and up to the normal tidal limit of estuaries.

The aims of Northumberland IFCA are:

  • To ensure that the exploitation of sea fisheries resources is carried out in a sustainable way
  • To balance the social and economic benefits of exploiting the sea fisheries resources of the district with the need to protect the marine environment from, or promote its recovery from, the effects of such exploitation
  • Take any other steps which in the Authority’s opinion are necessary, or expedient for the purpose of making a contribution to the achievement of sustainable development
  • To balance the different needs of persons engaged in the exploitation of sea fisheries resources in the district
  • To ensure all objectives of any Marine Conservation Zone in the district are furthered

These aims will be achieved by:

  • Monitoring fisheries other than migratory fisheries within the Authority limit
  • Making byelaws when appropriate in the interests of fisheries and the environment
  • Enforcement of byelaws
  • Enforcement of other legislation (both European and national)

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