Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS) 19th June 2019

NIFCA are delighted to be supporting the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS) in Northumberland. The scheme was launched in Sussex in 2016, then rolled out nationally in 2018 and aims to provide a route to recycle angling line including braided fishing lines, monofilament and fly lines. The aim is to establish an easy way to discard and recycle these lines to prevent them from ending up in the marine environment or landfill.  We routinely see angling lines washed up or discarded on beaches throughout the district, often tangled into balls with other debris. The line is extremely strong, does not breakdown easily, and is a threat to marine wildlife.

ANLRS hope to promote and spread the word about this work but need support from other organisations. NIFCA have donated £500 to the scheme and have purchased bins to be set up in tackle shops and other convenient locations along the coast. There are 263 tackle shops and over 70 freshwater fisheries currently signed up to the scheme around the country, so hopefully we can help bring it to the North East.  Anglers, or people who have collected discarded line, can deposit it into the bins. The locations of the bins can be found through the ANLRS website HERE.

NIFCA have also teamed up with Coast Care, a volunteer led organisation who conduct beach cleans in the Northumberland AONB. They regularly collect large quantities of discarded line from Northumberland beaches. All litter collected is recorded and so far this year over 750 bundles of angling line have been picked up. The Coast Care team are delighted to be part of the process to recycle this waste and keep it out of the marine environment.

All line will be collected and sent to be recycled. Various products have already been manufactured in the UK from the recycled line, line spools and single use plastics including bins and benches.

This is an excellent initiative and NIFCA wish it continued success and support in the future.