Berried Lobster Prohibition 31st May 2019

NIFCA has issued its first written warning to a fisherman for landing a berried lobster in contravention of the national Statutory Instrument, The Lobster and Crawfish (Prohibition of Fishing and Landing) (Amendment) (England) Order no. 899 of 2017. 

NIFCA Chief Executive Mike Hardy said: ‘Berried lobster conservation measures are of vital importance towards ensuring sustainable lobster stocks off the coast of Northumberland and North Tyneside. The inshore lobster fishery is the most important in our district in terms of the number of active fishers and value of stocks, and we want to ensure this remains the case.

‘Whilst the vast majority of fishers are responsible and take conservation seriously, we are warning anyone who fishes for or lands a berried lobster that it is an offence and we will take the necessary action to enforce any breaches of the legislation.

‘Our officers will work with commercial and recreational fishers to ensure compliance.’

The berried lobster prohibition is confirmed in the NIFCA Crustacea Conservation 2019 Byelaw and the national Statutory Instrument.

The district’s commercial lobster fishery had a first-point of sale value exceeding £3¼ million in 2018.

If you have any concerns regarding berried lobsters or any other aspect of the fishery, you should report them to the Authority office or an officer.