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NIFCA launches its new marine plastics and litter policy 13th June 2019

The issues of plastics in the marine environment is a crucial one and receiving the increasing public attention which it merits. NIFCA is therefore very pleased to announce the launch of its plastic policy which you can find HERE...


Berwick to St Marys MCZ 31st May 2019

      Defra have released the following information about the Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) designation at Berwick to St. Mary’s, in the North East of England: MAP of the MCZ Factsheet about the MCZ Designation Order


Berried Lobster Prohibition 31st May 2019

NIFCA has issued its first written warning to a fisherman for landing a berried lobster in contravention of the national Statutory Instrument, The Lobster and Crawfish (Prohibition of Fishing and Landing) (Amendment) (England) Order no. 899 of 2017.  NIFCA...


Fishermen’s Mission: “Catch of the Day” 14th May 2019

National charity, the Fishermen’s Mission have announce they have an exciting new fundraising initiative called ‘Catch of the Day’ which is an online auction involving a range of national and local artists and celebrities who have painted a ceramic sculpture...


2019-20 Annual Plan 30th April 2019

We are pleased to confirm that NIFCA’s 2019-20 Annual Plan is now complete and can be viewed HERE. We hope you find it to be an interesting read.