Coquet to St Mary’s Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Consultation

Coquet to St Mary’s Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) is a Tranche 2 MCZ designated for the protection of a number subtidal and intertidal habitats. Northumberland IFCA has duties to manage fisheries within MCZs and to ensure that the conservation objectives of any MCZ in the Authority’s district are furthered. Northumberland IFCA has identified that there are aspects of the use of mobile gear (trawls and dredges) which are not compatible with the site’s conservation objectives. Therefore, the Authority proposed the following management measures: –

Prohibition on the use of mobile gear within Coquet to St Mary’s MCZ. An exemption may be issued to a vessel which can produce evidence of fishing within this site in the past 3 years. Exempt vessels can only fish with specified gear (light otter trawling gear only) within the site.

For full details of the proposed management, see the full consultation document HERE*.

*document updated 07/10/2019

This consultation ended on 30th September 2019.