Dredging (Byelaw 2) Consultation

Northumberland IFCA is currently reviewing the present management of the inshore dredge fishery (NIFCA Byelaw 2). Northumberland IFCA is therefore consulting on management proposals which aim to eliminate habitat damage caused by dredging within the Authority’s district. Therefore, the Authority is proposing the following management measures: –

1. Prohibition on dredging activity in the district in:

             a) Inner Area 0-3 nautical miles, or

             b) Whole of the Authorities district, or

             c) No further restrictions on dredging within the Authority’s district.


2. Move permit fee from being a byelaw clause to a byelaw condition.


For full details of the proposed management, please see the full consultation document HERE*.

*document updated 21/08/2019

This consultation ended on 14th October 2019.