Fishermen’s Mission: “Catch of the Day” 14th May 2019

National charity, the Fishermen’s Mission have announce they have an exciting new fundraising initiative called ‘Catch of the Day’ which is an online auction involving a range of national and local artists and celebrities who have painted a ceramic sculpture in the shape of a fish. Taking part in the auction and buying a Catch of the Day fish will help to provide the vital funds needed for the Fishermen’s Mission to help the most vulnerable, distressed and disadvantaged in our fishing communities.

Peter Dade, Port Officer for the Fishermen’s Mission working across the port of North Shields and the surrounding areas says ‘This is just an amazing project and we hope that it will raise money to support my work in the area.  We don’t have any government or lottery funding so we really do need every penny that we can.  The North Shields teamwork with all active and retired fishermen in the area and our services and 24 hour centre are really vital.  Fishing is the most dangerous peacetime occupation and accidents are common, often with life changing impacts.  We do all we can to help but we need the people of North Shields to help us.  Fishing is an important industry in this area.  If you enjoy a fish and chip supper or a delicious meal out at a fish restaurant serving locally caught fish and shellfish, then please take a look at the auction site’

The auction website is live now, coming to a close between Thursday 16th May to Sunday 19th May at 8pm and can be accessed here: