Fishermen’s Mission: Crew Room on Amble Quayside 18th October 2019

Please see below press release from the Fishermen’s Mission:




“Official Opening of Fishermen’s Crew Room, Quayside, Amble

The official opening of the Fishermen’s Crew Room took place on Sunday 22nd September as part of the Coble Day event in Amble.

The ceremony was led by Superintendent Peter Dade, Mission Area Officer covering Amble to Redcar.

Present were Angela Woodburn, Commercial Manager Warkworth Harbour Commissioners; Alan Punton, Harbour Master Warkworth Harbour Commissioners; Simon Baxter, Programme Officer North of Tyne FLAG, and Honorary Agent Fishermen’s Mission Amble; Stuart Handyside, skipper Amble fishing trawler Fidelity and two of his crew, Angelito and Maty, and Albert, Mascot of the Fishermen’s Mission!

Peter welcomed everybody and then asked Angela to say a few words of how the Crew Room came to be. She said “the Commissioners are very grateful to their team and the local fishing community who have contributed time and ideas to the design and build of the new units and crew room, particular thanks to Simon Baxter who has given great support throughout the FLAG grant application process and finally, to the Fishermen’s Mission  and to the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB) whose grant has kindly paid for the internal fit out of the crew room which we hope will be well used and of real benefit to fishermen.”

Peter thanked Sophie Davies, Trusts and Legacy Manager at Fishermen’s Mission Head Office and David Dickens, Chief Executive of the Fishermen’s Mission for applying for the successful grant of £4912.00, from the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB).

The Crew room was then officially opened by two of the crew of the Amble fishing trawler Fidelity, Angelito and Maty, with support from Albert who gave the new facility a thumbs up!

It was time then to view the excellent facilities; industrial washing machine, and dryer, shower unit, and WC, seating area and small table for the fishermen to use.

The grant from the MNWB covers all the main equipment the fishermen will use.

The ceremony concluded with a Blessing on the Fishermen’s Crew Room and all who will use it. Those present then raised a toast to the success of the Fishermen’s Crew Room.

Peter Dade, MAO North Shields.”