Latest Information on European Marine Sites

EMS powerpoint presentation Extraordinary Meeting 15 November 2013

EMS revised approach, byelaws, impact assessments and supporting data is below;

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Revised Approach to the Management of Commercial Fisheries in European Marine Sites – Overarching Policy and Delivery document (Defra)

Information Sheet 31 May 2013

Information Sheet No 2 14 June 2013

Information Sheet No 3  31 July 2013


Background documents – Claire Hedley –

Claire Hedley, Implementation Officer for the Berwickshire & North Northumberland Coast European Marine Site , has also produced two background documents.  The first document provides a summary of the revised approach, an explanation about the origin of European Marine Sites and information about the six European Marine Sites in the Northumberland IFCA District.  The second document provides an overview of the various pieces of legislation used for marine nature conservation in England.  Claire has produced these as documents to provide background only, and they have not influenced the outcomes of this process –

1.     The Revised Approach to the Management of Commercial fisheries in European Marine Sites: What does this mean for Northumberland? By implementation Officer and   NIFCA Member Claire Hedley

2.     Current and Emerging Policy and Legislation for English Marine Conservation: A Rough Guide! By Claire Hedley