Sea Angling

A New National Strategy for Angling

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A new National Angling Strategy is being produced to shape the future of the sport – and your help is needed. The Environment Agency has commissioned research company Substance to research and develop a new National Angling Strategy for 2019-2024.

The strategy will consider:

  • How more people can take part so more people benefit from angling.
  • How angling can contribute to society in relation to health, sport and the environment.
  • The governance and funding of angling.
  • The development of both freshwater and sea angling.
  • How angling can help fisheries become more sustainable.

Full details can be found HERE.


In 2012 NIFCA officers were tasked with collecting information on sea angling activities on the Northumberland coast to inform the CEFAS ‘Sea Angling 2012’ project, aimed at assessing the socio-economic importance of recreational sea angling for coastal communities throughout the British Isles.

This study highlighted the importance of sea angling within the NIFCA district and at the end of the project NIFCA developed a sea angling strategy. The key objectives of our sea angling strategy is to strengthen our relationship and open communication channels with the sea angling community as well as furthering our understanding of sea angling in the district.

This will be achieved through NIFCA officer presence at angling competitions and meetings, increased engagement with anglers on the coast and a new questionnaire targeted at anglers. We hope that anglers are also able to follow our work and contact us via Twitter and Facebook.

See the Sea Angling drop down menu for more information about sea angling within the NIFCA district and for links to relevant publications.